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Who we are

Our crew is a is a team of adventurers that like to explore and enjoy life. We prefer to enhance our experiences by enjoying herb and libations. We built Revelry on those same principles. We want people to find their passions, and use our products to enjoy those moments even more.

What we make

Our products are inspired by a desire to create gear that fits your off the clock lifestyle. Whether you are outdoor adventuring, on a road trip, or simply kicking back at home, our technical yet simple designs have you covered. With a range of smell proof luggae and travel kits, to hard cases and coolers, our robust collection of products are perfect for any adventure you embark on.

Why we do it

To put it simply, because we want to. Revelry was started in 2015 with the selfish ambition of creating products that we, ourselves actually want to use. Our first designs were to improve upon the limited landscape of smell proof luggage. When we entered the market we saw subquality products with bad aesthetics, and no branding that spoke to consumers like us. With our background in marketing and design, and a clear vision of what we wanted to create, we kew we could build something that would remedy the situation. From there Revelry was created, and we've been making off the clock supplies ever since.